The Asteroid #4 are psychedelic collective originally from Philadelphia who have moved west on a warm colored breeze that’s led them all them all the way to Northern California. They’ve been going strong for the better part of the new millennium and will release their self-titled 8th album on London Promoters and Psych Lords Bad Vibrations’ label for Record Store Day.

Back of Your Mind feels like falling down a kaleidoscopic rabbit hole as mirrors and colored lights are floating up towards its entrance. The fall only seems to be getting faster and faster but when you finally arrive at the bottom of the pit you, the fall is stopped by a puddle where a galaxy of stars is floating inside.  You get out and strange music starts playing and echoing around the walls, you start moving, and smiling you notice that your body dictates the music around you. You look behind you where you see a wall that looks like a planet. You open it like a door and push on through to another dimension where everything disappointingly makes sense. You’ve come back to reality and returned from a journey in the back of your mind.

Check out Back Of Your Mind below and go get their self titled album at your local record store on Saturday.

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