Lay Llamas are from Sicily, perhaps one of the least likely places you’d expect to birth a mind-bending mix of (pagan) post-punk, psychedelia, afro beats and electro. The island’s rich cultural past, and the melting pot of all the different cultures that have inhabited its land throughout the centuries is perfectly reflected in their music, with their synesthesia inducing soundscapes.

We Are You is a seven minute journey that begins at the bottom of the sea with mythical creatures swimming the abyss. Suddenly a flash of light distracts the silence, and a submerged vessel starts floating towards the surface. You find yourself where the sky and the sea meet and spot land ahead, the wind picks you up and carries you to the beach while clouds drift the opposite way. You look up at the pink sky where white birds fly in formation towards a  tree on a hill.  You start climbing the rocky cliffs to get there, when you hear a distant drumming becoming closer. You finally reach the top of the hill where there’s a bonfire with tens of people around it smiling, dancing and saluting the birth of the night’s stars. They see you and stop to embrace you and your soul. We Are You.

Check out We Are You below and pre-order their debut album, Ostro out May 26th on the excellent Rocket Recordingshere.

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