Sean Bonniwell was the founder of The Music Machine, without a doubt one of the most influential garage bands of the 1960s. Their 1966 single, Talk Talk is considered by many to be one of the first punk songs ever recorded, a two minute raucous speed addled snippet into the Music Machine’s world. And quite a world it was: they all wore black coupled with their mops dyed black and a single black leather glove on one hand. There is a rumor that at a happening in L.A. as flower power was starting to break out, a member of main garage rivals The Seeds (who were embracing the hippie current) offered a sunflower to a member of the Music Machine, who promptly stubbed out his cigarette in the middle of it and told him to beat it. If that’s not punk,  then I don’t know what is. Anyways The Music Machine only lasted one album, after which Bonniwell formed a second formation and attempted to make songs that had less snarl and more melody.

Dark White begins slowly, like going out for a drink in the afternoon. Things are quiet, and you’re enjoying the company of your friends. Suddenly with the back of your eye you catch somebody gazing towards you. You take a better look and yeah, not bad, but could be a better fit. You order another round of drinks, turn around to go to the bathroom and still see the same person looking your way. You smile, and proceed to the back of the bar. When you come back and take another sip you notice your drink’s bitter, and you know by your friend’s cheeky smile that you’re in for the long haul. As you start feeling better, you turn around once more, looking for those gazing eyes, but the gaze is gone, just when you wanted it. You look around, your heart’s beating and the clock is ticking, you get up and go outside desperately looking for that set of eyes, nothing but darkness around. You walk back in, go sit with your friends and feel something brushing against your shoulder, turn and finally go acquaint the gaze that just happened to go to the bathroom after you.


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