Klaus Johann Grobe

Klaus Johann Grobe are a Swiss duo from Zurich that since 2011 have been making some of the grooviest, bass heavy, electro kraut to come out of the Alps. Recently signed to Trouble In Mind their debut album,  Im Sinne der Zeit, will be released on April 29th.

Between The Buttons starts off with a captivating, ass-shaking reverberated killer bass line that’s soon joined by a motorik beat, a frenzied organ and Teutonic laid back vocals. It’s like coming back to consciousness after dancing in a dark basement for hours on a sunny morning’s after-party. The light’s shining through the cracks, forming rays that paint a pattern on the ground, you decide to take a step outside, put some shades on, start smiling and feel alive once again, ready to go back inside for more of the same.

Check out Between The Buttons below and look out for  Im Sinne der Zeit here.

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