the me's

The Me’s are formed by Hungarian Singer Réka Csiszér, who has recently collaborated with The Pussywarmers on their excellent new album I Saw Them Leaving and Lalla Morte, a Thai/Vietnamese/Parisian Burlesque performer. On this collaboration, so far limited to a 7 inch single, they rework Dawn Penn‘s 1994 Reggae mega-hit You Don’t Love Me (No,No,No) on one side called No No No and on the other Oui Oui Oui. The production is minimal to say the least, stripped down to Lalla and Réka’s soft voices backed by a Casio Organ’s Drum Machine and a reverberating guitar.

You’re lying on a beach on a golden afternoon eyes closed staring at the sky, phosphene coloring your daydreams. A gentle breeze slowly picks up and blows you in the sky, you’re floating above the palm trees, looking down at the rest of the world, the coastline becoming jagged contour of a familiar face you’ve had to let go. You sigh and realize it may be better that way, but as you breathe in again you feel grains of sand in your mouth, and something blocking out the sun. You turn around and realize you never really left your beach towel, your beer’s getting warm and the sudden shade is that friendly gaze you encountered on the way there.

Check out Oui Oui Oui  below and go get the single, out on Voodoo Rhythm here.


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