San Francisco Psych Warriors Sleepy Sun released their fourth album, Maui Tears, in January on ATP. A little less trippy and a little more accessible than their previous efforts, but still sure to send your mind chasing a falling star in the purple night sky. Galaxy Punk does exactly that. A three minute slice of swirling, backwards and phased guitars that feel like a comet’s tail orbiting around one of Neptune’s moons.

You moved to a new place and your new familiar acquaintances want to show you their ways and make you drink their fluorescent Kool-Aid. As you put the glass down the world around you melts and all you see are fervent beams of energy going off in spirals towards the ocean in the sky. You look down and see pink clouds under your feet, you’ve made it to the upside out, and have entered a new Galaxy, Punk.

Check out the awesome, Jodorowsky inspired video for Galaxy Punk below and go get Maui Tears here.

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