Kera and the Lesbians are a San Diego quintet transposed in L.A., formed by lead singer (and only lesbian in the group) Kera, and four other guys. They like to label their sound Bipolar Folk, and considering the schizophrenic nature of their music and the heritage they carry on from Devendra’s Freak Folk days it’s a definition that’s pretty spot on. Splashes of reverb and breezes of tremolo fill in to complete their sound, stitching together an irresistible Californian pastiche of sunshine pop, surf, psych, garage and folk.

Year Past 23 is the soundtrack to hanging out alone in a Tiki dive bar by the beach at night, palm trees dance to the warm breeze outside while the full moon shines on the ocean. You’re drinking an ornate Mai-Tai, and as you take out the paper umbrella from your glass and stare at the bottom of it, a familiar smoke reaches your nostrils. Like a cartoon character chasing a freshly baked pie on a windowsill, you follow your nose outside to an old red convertible parked outside. What’s being baked here is the band that was playing the bar, sitting on the hood they invite you for a puff before they go back to finish the second half of their set. You make friends, have another Mai-Tai and smile to yourself, you may be alone, but never alone for too long.

Listen to Year Past 23 below and go get their latest EP Year 23 on Lolipop Records here.

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