blackstone rangers

Blackstone Rangers are from Dallas, Texas and have just released their first EP, Descendant on Saint Marie RecordsTheir musical palette is equally inspired by gazey psych as it is by new wave synths and spacey electronica, resulting in a dream boiling in an iridescent cauldron.

Frozen Echo begins with distant reverberated guitars, giggles, a synth, and soft female chanting, before a spoken “Alright” propels the song from a quiet thought in the back of your brain to a burning comet in the night sky.

You’re taking a trip in the woods at night, multicolored fireflies illuminate a path toward a little stream’s waterfall in which the moonlight shimmers and sparkles. You realize there is a cave behind the water and follow the green and blue flickering insect lights, you take a step across the waterfall and go inside where a swarm of fireflies swirl around you like a thick, fluorescent hula hoop. You start spinning, dancing, laughing and chanting forgetting about space and time. Days become months and as winter is at the gates the fireflies start to leave until one day, the last purple one withers. You suddenly come to and realize where you are, the waterfall you walked through is now thick ice, your plead for help just a frozen echo to the white winter rabbits jumping across the snow outside. Bummed out, you sit down but then start to smile, it’ll be summer soon and you’ll be dancing again.

Check out  Frozen Echo below and go get their EP here.

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