There isn’t much information about Medistation out there, except from the fact that they are from Sweden and that they may/may not be formed by member of The Orange Revival. Like many of their country’s artists (GOAT, Les Big Byrd, Sudakistan, The Janitors) they exprience a mystical fuzz communion under the Northern Lights in winter that allows them to dance under the midnight sun in the summer.

Doors is the sonic equivalent of a drive down a pine forest in the middle of the night. The moon is shining down through the trees, your hands holding the wheel are lit but your face is in darkness. You’re lost in your thoughts when you start looking outside, you swear you can see something moving right next to you  in the middle of the trees, but can’t quite make out what. You’re not scared, your mind is just playing games with you, shadows and light in the trees and what not. You move your eyes back to the road just as a beam of light starts to blind you, you try to stop but it’s too late. When the light fades you find yourself in a familiar place you’ve never been to before, where pink mountains glisten under a green sky and a purple sun shines down on everyone. Happily confused, you realize that your mind is the only key to get back through that door of light, but are in no rush, there’s some exploring that needs to be done.

Listen to Doors below and look out for more info on their Facebook Page.

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