Lorelle and The Obsolete are a Mexican duo that play self labeled pattern music, a blend of shoegazey psych with heavy doses of Spacemen 3 and kraut repetition. Not surprisingly, after having met Peter “Sonic Boom” Kember at the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia last year he offered to master their latest effort, Chambers, now out on Sonic Cathedral and Captcha Records.

Sealed Scene is a distorted slice of an alternate reality where the sky is blood red, the heat is rising from the ground but you don’t feel it, riding fast down the desert highway. You stop to quench your thirst and slice a roadside cactus in two to drink its water. It’s not only your mouth that’s reborn though, your mind takes in the nutrients and the moon starts to block out the sun in an eclipse that nobody foretold. You look up, but your head keeps rotating behind your neck, your body stretches and you find yourself staring back down at the black tarmac. You blink, try to understand, but the sun is shining again and you gotta get back on the road and leave this scene behind.

Listen to Sealed Scene below and go get Chambers here and here.

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