possePosse are a trio from Seattle that play a gentle breed of night time dream rock. Their sophomore album, Soft Opening, is out on Beating A Dead Horse Records and it’s the soundtrack to countless sleepless nights pondering about yesterday’s mistakes while thinking about tomorrow’s possibilities.

Interesting Thing No.2 is one of those conversations you have in your head at night, trying to figure yourself out. It’s late at night, you’re meant to be sleeping but your head is racing and you’re incessantly staring at the ceiling. You get up to smoke a cigarette at the window and gaze up at the stars, trying to find an answer to your life. It’s cold outside and as you shiver you realize the answer is within yourself, yet you’re lost in a psychological maze. You get back into bed with your head somewhat clearer, accepting the fact that it’s gonna be a long journey but eventually you’ll get where you want to be, you close your eyes and you’re there, in your dream.

Check out Interesting Thing No.2 below and go get Soft Opening here.

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