Tripttides are a trio from Bloomington, Indiana that make flanged, tripped out psych. While they may or may not have been inspired by Innerspeaker both on their tunnel vision EP cover and their heavy FX use, their sound is still very distinctive from anything else that’s currently out there.

Throne of Stars is a four minute journey across the Solar System but you’re not wearing a space suit, and you’re not on a spaceship. It’s your mind that’s on this journey, not your body. You’re flying Eight Million Miles High around Saturn’s Rings, the only touchdown will be once you get to your mind’s palace, where three dimensional paisley adorn the hall and a Kaleidoscope Sun shines on everyone. It’s there where you find your soul, pulsating green and purple light, resting its essence on a Throne made of Stars, talking to God,  Buddha and Brahma about your future’s past.

Check out Throne of Stars below and look out for Triptides’ EP, Colors out on Jaunt Records on April 29.

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