God’s Dream is Ringo Deathstarr’s latest EP, and  was released at the end of last year on Japanese label Vinyl Junkie Records. The Austin band, is due to publish another full length album later on this year. Judging from this release their sound is still very much layered by intertwining distorsion, but there are perhaps differences and a bigger pop sensibility in their songwriting, bridging a gap between My Bloody Valentine and early Smashing Pumpkins.

The song that gives the title to the EP starts off with a classic shoegaze stomp and feedback with whispered soft vocals, to dive into a beautiful fuzzed out guitar solo that will take you on unprecedented heights halfway through the song. It’s taking a mountain and putting it in the middle of the sea, running a finger through a desert and inspiring a population to build a city for you. It’s surfing wave of red hot lava on a diamond slab, blinking your eyes and finding yourself in a dark room tripping on the blue marble by your feet you were just floating in. Yep, you got it, you’re still in God’s Dream.

Listen to God’s Dream below and go get their Japanese release here.

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