julia dream

Julia Dream was the B-side of one of the worst Pink Floyd songs ever written, It Would Be So Nice, a complete piece of crap song that tried to continue the Syd Barrett madness after they had ditched Syd, it makes no sense and you shouldn’t listen to it.

Julia Dream, on the other hand is one of my favorite songs off their catalog. Although Syd had already (been) left (behind) it still manages to capture the oneiric lunacy of his lyrics, while the music forms a mellotron haze that floats above a a guitar and various ambient sounds.

You’re floating in the middle of a lake in the English Countryside, on a rowboat, at dawn, in early spring. There is a mist through which the sun is starting to shine, you slowly start making your way from the lake into a canal and start floating upstream. The canal’s shores are curtained by weeping willows, through which you see a scaly armadillo. It notices you, and slowly picks up its pace, walks through the trees, to the shore where it starts swimming towards your boat, he climbs aboard: you’ve now found your spirit animal.
You both continue your journey until the trees on the shores slowly become red velvet curtains, and the river a marbled, black and white tiled floor. As you keep rowing you start walking, trip on the curtain and fall on your dreamboat queen, the queen of all your dreams. The key has unlocked your mind.


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