Mac DeMarco‘s sophomore studio album, Salad Days continues the jangly pop wave he started riding on last year’s debut album, 2 and just like its predecessor, its sound is characterized by cheap guitars and effects giving it a unique sound and atmosphere. Just like its titled implies, it’s an ode to trial and error, not giving a fuck and having a good time.

Brother, the second single from Salad Days, starts with a whispered “Shit” to then dive into his very chilled signature jizz jazz guitars. It’s advice from a friend about letting go of the office life frenzy, and to go home. You wake up late and get off on the wrong side of the bed, your toast is cold, your orange juice is hot, get to work and that dipshit boss hands starts dishing out passive aggressive comments. You look out the window, where you see people walking in the sun and think if life is really worth living inside a cubicle when growing up you had all those dreams about where you’d be now. You get a text from a friend to go for lunch, you go get a sandwich and spark one on the grass, look at the clouds and decide that life’s too short, and they don’t own your life. They may pay your rent, but money isn’t happiness. so long, suckers!

Listen to Brother below and pre-order Salad Days out April 1st on Captured Trackshere.

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