Gulp is a psychedelic band formed by Super Furry Animals bassist Guto Pryce and his wife Lindsey Leven. Their musical purpose is to spread optimism, love and happiness to aural canals around the universe. The project began while the two were vacationing in the California desert, and continued the road to its inspiration while road tripping in the Scottish Highlands, capturing the excitement and beauty of the unknown.

Vast Space kicks off with a motorik beat, reverberated western guitars and an organ while the hushed vocals tell you to “Open up the door and let the fun begin”, a beautiful invitation to a sunny world. Like flipping a coin at a crossroads facing the seaside, fate can either take you on hike though the Northern Forests or a journey through the Southern Deserts, either way, the sun will blow on your back and the sun shine on your face.

Listen to Vast Space below and look out for Gulp‘s debut album, Season Sun out on Everloving Records on June 24th.

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