As you will probably know, Thee Oh Sees are currently on hiatus while frontman John Dwyer is experimenting with analog electronics on his Damaged Bug project. Noneththeless, they are releasing a new album, called Drop, on Record Store Day (April 19th) on which The Lens is featured. This is the second song to appear off Drop after scorcher Penetrating Eyeand is the perfect example of the bands’ amplitude and eclecticism.

The Lens is a post-Rubber Soulpre-White Album Beatlesque love song, with a beautiful texture accentuated by horns and a cello, whose melody is very reminiscent of a song that changed the world in 1967. It’s looking down a monocular from a lighthouse at dusk, there’s a bonfire that’s died down and is sending a trail of smoke to the sky while a group of merry souls, dressed in white are dancing in a flowered field. You look at the sky over the sea, gulls are flying across the horizon, occasionally diving to catch a fish. It’s time to leave the night behind and celebrate the new day, you stroll towards the pagan dancers, and discover your newly found soulmate waiting for you under a tree, with a handful of flowers and an inviting eye.

Listen to The Lens below and look out for Drop, out on Castle Face on April 19th.


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