Today, March 8th is the day of the Revolution.
Women’s day? Sure.
Ukraine? Yep.
Venezuela? Also.

But what’s the revolution happening today in China, The UK, The USA, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Greece, Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Mexico and Switzerland?

burger revolution

The guys from Burger Records have organized a multiple gigs all over the world to declare the first worldwide party. Each venue will have a band affiliated with Burger Records playing in the name of fun. And perhaps for once not wishing you had to be in Austin at around this time of year to hear some good music.

Habibi are one of the latest releases from Burger and while they won’t be playing at one of their shows (SXSW), they certainly got the tunes to get you in the mood to party tonight.

Listen to I Got The Moves below and find a Burger Show near you to spend the best Saturday night of the year!

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