The Spyrals are from San Francisco and play Rhythm & Blues with lysergic tinges that their hometown’s musical forefathers would have definitely grooved on. They sound like the band a Bay Arean would have started after seeing the The 13th Floor Elevators play the Avalon in 1966, or after dancing all night in a strobe lit garage to The Chocolate Watchband’s best Stones impressions.

Out Of Sight kicks off  with backwards guitars and an exotic reverberated riff that’s dives into a Night Beats stomper with fuzzed out bass, snotty howled vocals that say “We don’t ever wanna be like you/ We hope that it shows” and a killer harmonica solo.
Like a party on a seaside cliff during a thunderstorm at night,  it’s a force to be reckoned with, your feet are moving, you don’t know where you’re going, but you know it’s right. Follow that strange girl through the backdoor and go dance in the rain, it’s alright with all of us if you’ll never wanna go back in again.

Listen to Out Of Sight down here, and go get their latest album, also called Out Of Sight, out on Mock Records, here.

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