Nederpop/Nederbeat  is a term coined to describe the 60s Dutch Rock n’ Roll scene. Artists back then who were inspired by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Pretty Things created their own version of what they heard and often made the UK’s dirtiest bands look like schoolchildren in comparison. The prime example of this was one of the mightiest bands to have ever walked the planet: The Hagues’ Q65. Inspired by same bluesmen as The Pretty Things and The Stones, they turned the sleaze up to 11 and played the dirtiest R&B to have been made. They repulsed society by having shoulder length hair, and after being denied work Visas upon entering the UK for their first tour, they sailed back home to Dutch shores on a rubber dinghy, where they performed a homecoming show on a pier, fresh off the boat.

Mozes and The Firstborn are modern Nedergarage. They are based in Eindhoven and play snotty garage punk with echoes of the early Strange Boys and of The Black Lips poppier moments.  Their latest single, Bloodsucker, is a stomper with a catchy crooned chorus that’s gonna leave you humming for days and thinking about a certain situation.

You know the situation. You’re out drinking, when you suddenly get a called from your ex-lover. You’ve had too much to drink and couldn’t care less about them, so you let them know how much they suck, only to then drop your phone in the gutter, crawl back into your watering hole and find your friends gone, but a new bloodsucker giving you the eye.

Watch the video for Bloodsucker below (unless fake blood freaks you out) and go get their Self Titled album out on Burger Records today. 

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