Tess Parks began her career while studying photography in London. After playing solo around the Big Smoke for a while, she moved back to her native Toronto last year to record her mesmerizing debut album: Blood Hot.

Released on Alan McGee‘s 359 RecordsBlood Hot is the sexiest smoky female voiced reverb you’ll osmose. On Gates Of Broadway , linked below, she manages out-trip Anemone with her chesty loud whisper, droning over her band’s hypnotic reverberations. The result is a stoned jam you can imagine yourself slowly dancing naked to in a phosphene daze, on a snowy beach.

Anton Newcombe’s ears have must have been ringing when this smoke crept through his windows in Berlin, so much that they just recorded a couple of demos together, both still untitled, and released on Anton’s YouTube channel. Go check them out, it’s like two comets collided and created a musical stardust for us all to draw in.

While you’re here though, check out Gates Of Broadway below and go pick up Blood Hot here.

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