Quilt are a trio from Boston whose sonic textures create a patchwork of warm and fuzzy psych folk, stitched together by Anna Fox Rachinski’s angelic voice. I first discovered Quilt about a year and a half ago when I saw them open up for The Fresh & Onlys in Brooklyn, and  it was one of those gigs in which I enjoyed the opening band more than the headliners. This isn’t because The Fresh & Onlys weren’t good – they kicked ass –  I was just blown away by the sonic escapades Quilt were softly guiding the audience through.

They are currently touring the US and Europe, try to catch one of their shows, and you’ll know what I mean. For now though, check them out here on their brand new video for Tie Up The Tides and go get their new record, Held in Splendor out on Mexican Summer, here.

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