I first met Tomorrows Tulips a few months ago, when they were touring Europe with The Growlers. Originally formed by Pro-Surfer and former Japanese Motors frontman Alex Knost and his girlfriend in the late 00s, he’s now teamed up with fellow Pro Ford Archbold to record Experimental Jelly, Tomorrows Tulips’ sophomore effort.

Like a pile of (sea)weed that’s washed ashore in Costa Mesa (their hometown), it’s a thick tangle of single strands that bask in the California sun and sand. While there may be a darkness inside some of their songs, the sun’s always shining outside their practice room, the surf’s up and the bud’s good. They are some of the nicest people I’ve met and are still teenagers at heart, in the sense that their passion remains untainted by what’s going on in the outside world, nothing needs to matter to them more than music and surfing. In their own words, their music is a place “Where a smile can become a pile of confetti and glue” .

Flowers on the Wall is the first single from the album and was released last summer. It starts out with a single repeating note that slowly opens both this jam, Experimental Jelly, and Tomorrows Tulips Eternally Teenage world.

Enjoy the Technicolor video below and go get their album, out on Burger Records, here.

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