curtis harding

I told you about Curtis Harding last week, he’s the Atlanta based soulman that’s teamed up with half the Black Lips and a third of Night Beats to form garage soul band Night Sun.

It’s on his debut solo single though that we can hear where his passion and talent really lie, there’s less garage and heaps more brassy soul. Picture an early Sly Stone on the right amount of  musical, spiritual and mental “special effects” crossed with Otis Redding if he’d lived to see the summer of love, playing in the Playboy mansion’s sweaty basement in 1972 while sharing cocktails with another man called Curtis. Not a bad place to be if you ask me.

Keep a close eye on Curtis Harding, cause he’s definitely one to watch; so far he’s been featured on the Saint Laurent Music Project, where Hedi Slimane directed him and a topless model on a beach, has a tonne of admirers and collaborators, and most importantly, incredible music.

His debut album will, which features “Keep on Shining” will be out on Burger Records on April 22nd. Save the date, you’ll be wanting to wear that record thin this spring!

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