Yet  another great unsigned band. (Why don’t record labels stop thinking about making a buck and do what they are meant to? i.e. help make and distribute good music?)

The Tins are from Buffalo NY and are a young three piece formed by Mike Santillo on vocals and keyboards, Adam Putzer on guitar and vocals and Dave Muntner on drums.

Three friends from Binghampton University, The Tings have been together for five years  have finally started to record, and are releasing their first self titled debut EP soon. They play a mixture of  emotionally moving alternative rock à la Wolf Parade/Moon and Antarctica-era Modest Mouse/Pinback,together with end-of-noughties-folk and with a sunny tinge brought by the oniric keyboards.

Seven minute EP highlight, The Green Room,is long enough to let a song become interesting, and has heartfelt, yet simple lyrics such as:

“I made up my mind on what you said,
It’s a little mad,
It’s a bit a bit of madness,
Just ride Off!
And I just wanna bring you down,
It’s a little sad, It’s a little sad
Just back Off!”

The smooth slide guitar licks play well with the keyboards, which vary  from a repetitively radiant phrase to a darker bass drone that gives more space to the intricate guitar work, all backed by cymbal-heavy drums.

The Tins are still an undiscovered wonder to most, but will quickly surely become frequent listens to those that will hear them.

Keep up to date for the EP release and listen to more songs HERE.

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