Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux

Fuzz Pedal? Check. Surf Drums? Check. Organ? Check. Bow Ties? Check. Nightmares? Check!!!!!

ENL are a young London band who released their first EP last night at the Notting Hill Arts Club, entitled Fuzz Candy, it draws inspiration from the whole array of styles that changed the face of Rock and Roll.

They know their music well, and inspire themselves from the best of each decade, a little 50s rockabilly here, a little surf rock there, a pinch of 60s garage, a spray of  ’77 punk , and the result  is the infectious rock and roll that blares out of ENL’s amps.

Last night’s short gig saw the venue packed with fans, casual listeners and even a hater, who threw glasses and shoes onstage, to which lead singer Shimmie politely responded “People came here to listen to us, if you don’t like it you might as well get out” a response which could only shut that individual up and let the rest of us enjoy the gloriously energetic show.

Fan favorite “Ketchup Stains” got the crowd dancing/moshing/cheering as Shimmie wailed “This is the grand finale” over and over, luckily for us it was only the second song in the set and more was to come.

Progressing through their set and playing newer songs, they showcased their sound as the guitars intertwined with each other while the fuzz bass and the catchy surf drums kept the distorted beat.

ENL made sure to remind us that fuzz candy is not what you would find in a tuck shop near their school but the driving force behing their sound; turning the bass fuzz to 11, setting the keyboard on haunted house organ mode and ripping through their set as a nightmare would rip your brains apart in your sleep, only difference, there is no waking up from these eighteen nightmares!

Considering their young age and their influences the future is bright and exciting for these nightmares as they expand from the Lux to the rest of the world.

Listen to Eighteen Nightmare at the Lux here

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