Le Butcherettes/Teri Gender Bender

Many tend to forget what rock and roll is all about, but luckily for us The Butcherettes A.K.A. Teri Gender Bender is here to remind us of that essence rare.

The airwaves are saturated with so called rock and rollers, but hardly any of these stand for the rebellion, angst and shock that are the soul of rock and roll.

Take the Kings of Leon – once an excellent, aggressive band with an attittude, now play soppy sappy pop that Bono could be playing if he stopped publicising himself and thought of using somebody or having sex on fire.

Teri Gender Bender on the other hand does all that the Sonics did in the mid 60s when they would break their amplifiers to sound more distorted while inciting people to poison themselves; what KISS did in the 70s (apart from the fact that Teri’s music stands against everything that KISS stood for i.e. objectifying women)  and what GG Allin did in the late 80s and early 90s when he would mutilate himself onstage.

Now, there was no self mutilation onstage last night at the Old Blue Last, and I have to admit I arrived late, and Teri was already onstage,  in a 50’s dress and barefoot playing vicious bluesy rock’n roll on a semi-hollow Epiphone while kicking the beat on a bass drum.

She then proceeded  to pick up her red high-heeled shoes, put one in her mouth while bashing her synths and singing about women with armpit hair through a megaphone , the crowd, who unfortunately was half laughing at  “this crazy hot chick” ,  got what they deserved when Teri proved she’s for real by showing everyone her armpit hair.

The GG Allin and KISS comparisons came through when she started spitting fake blood out of her mouth and onto her dress (complete with apron), jumped offstage smashing the megaphone on the floor and started running through the audience all the way to a white curtained window at the back of the venue which in turn was smeared in fake blood while the synth’s programmed drums kept thumping.

During the last song Teri kept wailing and playing her incendiary guitar riffs and towards the end of the song threw her guitar on the floor and played it with her shoe/fake blood container. I was hoping for her to end in all the same way Jimi did in Monterey but i guess we’ll have to wait for Le Butcherettes’ next shows!

Thank you Teri for reminding us all what is rock and roll and what certainly is NOT.


Listen to Le Butcherettes here

See Le Butcherettes live in London on February 19th at The London Eye

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