Le Stelle di Mario Schifano – Lysergic Italian Pop

Mario Schifano, Italian pop artist in the 1960s was often compared to Andy Warhol, when Warhol drew the Campbell Soup Schifano drew the Esso logo, Warhol was involved in every aspect of art, just like Schifano. In 1967 both Warhol and Schifano started their adventure with music, Warhol with the Velvet Underground, Schifano with Le Stelle di Mario Schifano.

Le Stelle di Mario Schifano formed from various ashes of different Italian beat bands, such as New Dada’s bassist and the Wretched’s keyboard player.

All from different towns in Italy they first started playing in Rome, at the legendary Piper club, but were most successful in Turin, where they played many shows and recorded their debut and only album “Dedicato a..”.

The album consists of only 6 tracks dominated by strong feedback paired with sweet harmonies in a way similar to the Velvet Underground.

The track that i’m posting here is called “Molto Alto” (Very High) and is very lysergic in both words and sound.

Could it be only a coincidence that the acronym of their name without Mario Schifano’s name spells LSD?

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